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Summer is in full swing and the weather here in California has been just beautiful. We’ve had a few insanely hot days, but for the most part it’s been moderate temperatures, cool breezes and plenty of blue sunny skies. I’ve been doing a lot of outdoor entertaining to fully take advantage of the season, and one of my favorite things …

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Surprising, Refreshing Watermelon Salad

Summer is the best time of year for the everyday cook to be a rock star in the kitchen. All it takes is a salad filled with fresh local produce, a hot barbeque and lots of sunshine. Why not be a super star this summer and try a new summer salad. Do you have a recipe that you have always …

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Watermelon Bites with Lemon-Balm Sugar

Crisp, ice-cold triangles of watermelon skewered with the bamboo ‘ribs’ from an inexpensive Chinese fan, then sprinkled with mint, or with a citrussy finish of granulated white sugar pounded with lemon balm. Watermelon Bites with Lemon Balm. Plate by David Walters. This is a lovely way to serve watermelon in cheeky little bites if you’re expecting guests on a hot …

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