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Irish Cream Tarts

So, what do you make when you want to use tart pans, have a fun St Paddy’s Day dessert on the blog, and you want to bake with crazy amounts of chocolate? Irish cream tarts, of course. You do have to bake the chocolate crust, but once that’s done, there’s no baking for the filling. You just pour the Irish …

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Well…..12 hours from now I will be living it up at my kids’ school…..dancing the night away at the annual “Blizzard Ball”. Are you jealous? Typically, I’d be trying to think of any which way to get Jorden to take them instead of me…..but to be perfectly honest, tonight I’m kind of looking forward to it! It’s a night out, …

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Portuguese Custard Tarts – The Hieronymites Got This Right

I’ve made custard tarts before, but never the world-famous Portuguese custard tarts, and I’m thrilled to report the results were shockingly good. This really was one of the best pastries I’ve ever enjoyed, custard or otherwise.  Which is a good thing, since they do require a bit of effort to produce. The recipe itself is simple, using just a few …

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Portuguese Recipes: Pasteis de nata ( cream tarts)

Pasteis de nata It is believed that pastéis de nata were created before the 18th century by Catholic monks at the Jerónimos Monastery (Portuguese:Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) in the civil parish of Santa Maria de Belém, in Lisbon: for this reason, they are alternately known as Pastéis de Belém (singular: Pastel de Belém).[1] During Portuguese medieval history, the convents and monasteries of Portugal produced large quantities of eggs, whose egg-whites …

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