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Thumbprint Cookies – Great Grandma Mitzi to the Rescue!

My mother, Pauline, made really nice thumbprint cookies, but unfortunately I never wrote down her recipe, and so I was forced to go online to find one, so I could refresh my memory. I knew the ingredients, but unless you have them in the right proportions, you won’t end up with that perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture these iconic cookies are known …

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Cabbage Slaw | Recipes To The Rescue

Summer has definitely arrived. It’s time to relax, kick back and chill. Local produce is plentiful and each day brings new items on the shelves. Not only are they full of colour, they have so much flavour there’s little cooking required…. it’s a good excuse to take a break from the stove. Here is a simple easy slaw that goes …

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Cherries Clafouti | Recipes To The Rescue

Cherries Are Fun! Everything about cherries screams fun. First, they’re only available in the summer and summer is definitely fun. And, their deep purple colour is positively jubilant, the sweet, lively taste is a delight, and the pits are just an added fun factor somehow. There’s great freedom in eating a cherry and spitting out the pit into a flowerbeds, …

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