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Sugar cookies just scream “CHRISTMAS” to me, yet it took me years of trying before I found the perfect sugar cookie recipe. You’d think that it would be easy to find the right combination of sugar & flour to make great cookies – and you’d be right. But, to find the right recipe that will actually hold the shape during …

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Cold Brew Coffee Pie Is Perfect for Hot Summer Nights

Like most people coffee is a drink I cannot live without. Just the thought of a day without my cup of joe makes me cringe. So when I stumbled across this cream pie recipe with coffee as the star ingredient, I had to make it! Rich coffee flavor blended with creamy milk gives you a delicious latte flavour. The crunch …

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The Perfect Margarita, According to Me

Mastering the Margarita requires a certain amount of practice, which is the good news and the bad news, but once you dial-in your perfect ratio, it’s a really easy cocktail to replicate. The classic recipe is three parts tequila, two parts triple sec, and one part freshly squeezed lime juice, and you should probably start off pretty close to that, …

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Halli’s Perfect Guacamole

You know how you’re always trying to find the perfect balance in a guacamole? Haha, or is that just me? I swear when I go to make a guacamole, I can never get the proportions right. Well this search ended when my cousin magically made me the perfect guacamole one day. She had been working on it for months, trying …

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Perfect Buttercream

I’m not much of a buttercream kind of person. They’re always too sweet. I’ve tried several and have been equally disappointed every time. Then I found this new recipe. Guess what’s different…nothing. Still all the same ingredients, but used in a different way. This knowledge has changed my life!! Ha. Well maybe not my life…but it’s changed my cupcake life:) …

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Perfect Pork Tenderloin

This is definitely something I’m putting in our dinner rotation. It’s so incredibly easy and so moist. I just buy the tenderloins from Costco and they do great. So moist, juicy and flavorful. I definitely recommend it.  1⁄2 cups olive oil 1⁄3 cup soy sauce 1⁄4 cup red wine vinegar Juice of 1 lemon 1-2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1-2 tbsp …

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