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Orange French Toast

We love to enjoy brunch at home. It’s a no rush, relax and listen to music whilewe prepare something delicious and brewthe coffee kind of morning.I LOVE the smells of breakfast:coffee, pancakes or French toast, and bacon which create the best aromas.   Start by letting your skillet preheat tomedium/medium-low and turn the ovento 350º. It doesn’t take long to getthings going.  Combine the …

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Pasta with Gorgonzola Radicchio Walnuts and Orange Recipe

This dish meets up so rapidly and is so delightful. In case you’re up for an inquiry And you most likely won’t need to look too hard—attempt to discover Trevino, which is the thing that Colu recommends, and which is in season at this moment. I discovered it at Entire Nourishment Market. I like how it holds its shape somewhat superior …

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Salads : Fennel and orange

Fennel and orange Salad Ingredients:– 4 tablespoons olive oil– 3 tablespoons orange juice– juice of 1/2 lime– 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce– 1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil– 200 grams mixed, washed salad leaves– 1 fennel finely sliced, dained 30 sec in cold water, drained– 2 oranges, peeled and segmented– sea salt and ground black pepper to taste Step 1: To …

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Tunisian Recipes: YoYo ( round doughnuts with Orange syrup)

This recipe DOES NOT incl. eggs, fat or Milk YoYo The YoYo is a yeast fritter that is eaten and many countries such as Algeria, Libiya, Morrocco and Tunisia. It has a crispier outside then the European and American varieties. The best thing about these is that you DO NOT USE EGGS, FAT OR MILK  !!!!!! YoYo is made with …

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Christmas Gammon with a Sticky Orange and Ginger Glaze

I’m a bit bored with honey-and-mustard glazes, so this year I thought I’d try burnishing a Christmas gammon with a sticky Asian-style glaze flavoured with ginger, soy sauce and fresh orange juice. The combination of smoky gammon and sweet, spicy citrus was delicious, and I’m going to use the same glaze for the ham I’m planning for Christmas Eve. What …

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