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30-Minute Pumpkin Croissants

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be enjoying these freshly-baked, pumpkin-flavored croissants. Yes, you read that right, 30 minutes is all you need!!  The secret is you get those not-so-fancy croissants from your local grocery store (in my case, Walmart!). Yeah, they’re less than stellar, I know! But we’ll infuse them with our own pumpkin filling inside and out. You …

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Homemade 6-Minute Caramels

Who doesn’t want caramel in 6 minutes? Who doesn’t want SUPER delicious, SUPER soft, perfect caramel in 6 minutes? This is my new favorite thing to make. It’s just too easy! Would you believe that it’s made in the microwave in 6 minutes? Nope, you wouldn’t. I was super shocked at how perfect they came out.  It makes such a …

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One Minute Tomato and Avocado Salsa

This was a favorite with everyone. I was worried the jalapenos would make the salsa too spicy for me and the boys but it didn’t. The flavors blended well. I loved the fact it made life easier for us since I didn’t have to make guacamole too. I’ve never been a fan of the jarred salsa at the store and …

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60 Minute Snowflake Rolls

My kids could not eat get enough of these rolls. Lucky for me these are a quick roll to make because the kids ate the first batch before we could use them for dinner. These rolls go together quickly and taste like rolls that take hours. These rolls are my new favorite quick roll recipe. Next time I make these …

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