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Feta Roast Chicken – Making Chicken Betta with Feta

I really loved everything about this feta roast chicken, as long as I was eating with my eyes closed, and that’s because despite the juicy texture, and wonderful flavor, I had trouble getting past the grainy-looking appearance of the cooked cheese mixture. The good news is, it was mostly an aesthetic issue, and the mouthfeel wasn’t nearly as dry and …

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Peposo dell’Impruneta – Making Bad Beef Better Since Before Columbus

Some recipes have amusing, or romantic stories for how they came to be, but this peposo isn’t one of them, unless you consider making bad quality beef taste better by covering it in black pepper, amusing or romantic. As the story goes, the workers who made terracotta tiles in the city of Impruneta, would place this stew into clay pots, …

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Horchata – No Tigers Were Harmed in the Making of this Drink

When it comes to delicious, unique, and refreshing summer drinks, it’s hard to beat horchata. There are countless ways to make this, but my preferred method is easy, relatively quick, and doesn’t require any tigernuts, whatever those are. Apparently, that’s what the original Spanish version contained, among other things, but we’re doing a Mexican-style horchata, which is done with rice …

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Ten top tips for making memorable soup, and MasterChefSA blogging

My Roast Ratatouille Soup with Basil Mayonnaise There’s an agreeable crispness in the air in the mornings here in Cape Town, a sure sign that autumn’s on its way. Never mind Keats’s season of mists and mellow fruitfulness; all I’m really looking forward to is making and eating more soup. The older I get, the more I enjoy soup, and during winter …

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