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Blueberry Cobbler : Just 3 Ingredients

Do you love blueberries? They are a huge favorite in this house. Which is probably why I have so many blueberry recipes here. We can’t seem to get enough. They are the flavor I think about most when it comes time for spring & summer. That fresh flavor that blends so well with so many others, like lemon, lime or …

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What Are Modified Milk Ingredients?

“And, it’s made with real liquid milk,” said the elderly woman in a chef’s hat and apron at the grocery store. She handed me a small, free sample of Monterey Jack cheese produced by a Canadian cheese company. “And, it has no modified milk ingredients in it.” She added. “Oh really?” I said. “And what exactly are modified milk ingredients?” …

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Fast Balls ~ Only 4 Ingredients

Yummy meatballs in a savory brown sauce.Only 4 ingredients!It’s another easy dinners for your repertoire. If it’s quarter to six and you still haven’t decided what to do with that pound of hamburger this one is going to feed your peeps and make them happy. This is another gem from Peg Bracken’s  “I Hate To Cook” book. It’s in  her …

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