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What I Learned At The Food And Drink Summit

In December I attended the Conference Board of Canada’s Food and Drink summit in Calgary Alberta. The conference Board of Canada is an evidence-based, independent source of advanced food and beverage performance monitoring and reporting. “It aims to raise awareness of the nature and importance of the food and beverage sectors in Canada’s economy and society.” Over two days I …

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Horchata – No Tigers Were Harmed in the Making of this Drink

When it comes to delicious, unique, and refreshing summer drinks, it’s hard to beat horchata. There are countless ways to make this, but my preferred method is easy, relatively quick, and doesn’t require any tigernuts, whatever those are. Apparently, that’s what the original Spanish version contained, among other things, but we’re doing a Mexican-style horchata, which is done with rice …

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How Much Water Should You Drink?

Do you own the the perfect water bottle? I’m always impressed how many people come to my classes with their beloved water bottles and sit them down proudly on the table like a beacon of health. The bottles come in all shapes, styles and colours. Some are stainless steel with wide rims and others are coloured with drinking spouts that …

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