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30-Minute Pumpkin Croissants

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be enjoying these freshly-baked, pumpkin-flavored croissants. Yes, you read that right, 30 minutes is all you need!!  The secret is you get those not-so-fancy croissants from your local grocery store (in my case, Walmart!). Yeah, they’re less than stellar, I know! But we’ll infuse them with our own pumpkin filling inside and out. You …

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Chocolate Croissants – But Just Barely

I’ll admit to being pretty underwhelmed the first time I had a chocolate croissant, or “pain au chocolat,”as I’d mispronounce it; but eventually I realized the relatively sparse amount of chocolate wasn’t any kind of stinginess, but rather the true secret behind this amazing pastry. Properly done, this should ride that line between sweet pastry and a savory bread, so …

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Croissants – Slightly Easier than Flying to Paris

I wouldn’t describe homemade croissants as an easy recipe, since there are multiple steps, and it does take a least half a day, but it’s really not that hard either; and certainly simpler than flying to Paris, which is the only other way to enjoy these amazing pastries. Sure, some of you may live near an authentic French bakery, maybe …

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