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Scallops wrapped in bacon

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When I was driving home from work, I was thinking
of having Scallops for dinner.
To my delight, Gaetano (my husband) surprised me with the perfect, delicious meal!
I knew I loved that man for a good reason!!!  30 years and gladly 100 more to come.
 Ok.  Ok. Enough with the mushiness let’s get to the cooking!
Sea Scallops
Bacon for each Scallop
Toothpick for each Scallop
White Wine 4 Tbs
Olive Oil
Butter 3 Tbs
Fresh Parsley 1 Tbs (Optional)
1.   Wrap each Scallop in bacon.  You can also   
      cook some without bacon at the same time.
2.   Stick toothpick in Scallop to hold bacon on. 
      If you like crispy bacon than place bacon over top and bottom 
      of Scallop (as shown on this picture on flat side).
     Or around the sides only. (first picture has on sides only)

3.   Heat up Olive Oil in frying Pan.
4.   Add Scallops
5.   Sear on Med.
6.   Add a pinch of black pepper and
       Garlic powder
7.   Turn the Scallops a few times. approx 6 mins
       to cook.
8.   Once Bacon is crispy,  Place Scallops
       in a dish.
9.   Wash and dry the frying Pan and lower the
       temperature to Medium low.

10.   Place frying pan on stove add 1 Tbs oil  
        and 3 Tbs butter. (This way the butter doesn’t burn.)
11.  When butter is almost melted
        Add 4 Tbs White Wine. Mix together.
12.  Place the Scallops back in the frying pan.
14.  Add 1/2 Tbs of chopped fresh parsley.
13.  Simmer for 3 minutes.  You can add more
       butter if juice is drying out.

ok this picture is making me want more Scallops!!!
If you don’t like crispy Bacon than wrap around sides only.  Sure looks nice and taste so good!!!
If you like bacon crispy, then place it around the top and over to the bottom so, when you are frying them the bacon will get crispy.

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