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Suji / Rawa upma is a very famous south Indian breakfast made with semolina. It’s very light to eat and very healthy too. One can relish it with curd or even plain.

I like to pack this in my kids school lunch box as it stays fresh for long time and can be enjoyed at room temperature.

I know many people who make it with sticky texture which is big NO for my kids and me too.

Sharing a tip and trick to make it non-sticky but moist. Do try and enjoy this super yum recipe.

1 cup Rawa/ suji/ semolina

1 cup water + 1/2 to 1/4 cup for sprinkling
1 TSP mustard seeds
1/2 inch finely chopped ginger
1 medium sized chopped onion
2 medium sized grated tomatoes
1 large finely chopped carrot
1 medium sized finely chopped potato
8-10 curry leaves
Handful freshly chopped coriander leaves
Salt to taste

1. Roast suji till it releases aroma. Don’t turn it brown. Keep aside.

2. In pan add some water and vegetables. Cover and cook till done. 

3. In a pan, add oil, add mustard seeds. Let it splutter.

4. Add onions, saute till Fragrant, don’t turn it brown.

5. Add ginger and grated tomato. 

6. Add 1 cup water and salt. Bring it boil.

7. Once water comes rolling boil point, reduce the flame and start adding suji little by little stirring it continuously as shown in pic below. The pic is not clear due to continuous movement.

8. Mix well and cover and cook for a minute.

9. Open the lid and take some water in your hand and sprinkle it all over the suji. Mix and cover and cook again for a minute. I did it twice and then finally covered for just 2 minutes with flame on and left it covered for 5 minutes without flame. This will make suji soft and double in size. This is the important step to get non-sticky separated rawa upma. Add vegetables. Mix well.

10. In dry pan, dry roast washed kadi pata on low flame till it turns crisp.

11. Let it cool down a bit. Crush in powder and sprinkle all over the upma….you will get super duper aroma.

12. Add some freshly chopped coriander leaves.  Sprinkle all over and serve hot with curd or pack in kids school lunch box.


1. Dry roast suji till aromatic, don’t turn it brown. Keep it aside.

2. In pan, add some water and cook vegetables til done.

3. In pan or kadai, add some oil or ghee, saute onion till aromatic.

4. Don’t turn onion brown, add ginger.

5. Add grated tomato.

6. Add water. Bring it to boil.

7. Once it comes to roiling boil, reduce the flame and add suji little by little stirring continuously.

8. Mix well.

9. Cover and cook for a minute, open the lid and sprinkle fistful water all over. Cover and cook again for a minute.

10. Sprinkle water twice and keep it cover without flame for 5 minutes. Add vegetables.

11. In clean dry pan, roast curry leaves.

12. Till it turns crisp.

13. Crush to fine powder. 

14. Sprinkle all over the upma.

15. Serve in breakfast or pack in kids school lunch box.

16. Closer look!

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