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Radishes with Lime Juice, Chile, & Mint

Well I’ve given you the title, which is also basically the recipe, if we want to call this a recipe, and since I have nothing else on the go today, we do. At least I do.

I was surprised at what a nice little salad this was. I’ve been trying hard to keep the radishes watered and it seems to be paying off. They are not the best radishes ever, but not bad either considering some of the temperatures we have had, not to mention the lack of rain. They are French Breakfast radishes, which we have not grown for a few years. I am thinking they need to return to the regular rotation.

Keep each serving fairly small; the flavours are intense. It’s almost more of a relish than a salad.  I left the leaves on because they were so nice and fresh and untouched by bugs – I can count on an infestation of flea beetles hatching even as I say this – and because they made a pretty presentation and a nice handle for that insouciant eating with the hands thing. We didn’t eat the leaves though, as we consider them a bit too tough and hairy to eat raw.

per serving
5 to 10 minutes, possibly including pulling the radishes

Radishes with Lime Juice, Chile, & Mint

1 or 2 lettuce leaves
2 or 3 radishes
lime juice
fine red chile flakes, maybe Aleppo pepper
2 or 3 leaves fresh mint

Wash the lettuce and dry it, and arrange it on a small plate. Wash and trim the radishes, and cut them into quarters. Arrange them over the lettuce.

Squeeze enough lime juice onto the radishes to moisten them well, then sprinkle them with red chile flakes and salt to taste.

Wash and dry the mint leaves. They will be easier to mince very finely if they are well dried, and that’s what you want to do. Mince them very finely, and scatter them over the radishes.

And that’s it! We’re done here. Other than sitting down and eating them.

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