Panjiri is a staple food from Punjab and treated as highly nutritional supplement, specially for growing children and nursing mothers. It is consumed in winters due to its hot properties. It is made with whole wheat flour laced with dry fruits which not only makes it super food but tasty too.
2 cups whole wheat flour
2 tbsp semolina/ Suji / Rawa
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 cup cashews
1/4 cup pista
1/2 cup gond ( edible gum)
1/4 cup magaz (melon seeds)
2 tsp khus (poppy seeds) optional
1cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup ginger powder
1 tsp saunf powder (fennel seeds powder)
1 tsp elachi powder (cardamom powder)
2+2 tbsp ghee (clarified ghee)
1/4 cup Lotus stem (optional)
Heat 2-3 tbsp of ghee and roast gond till it doubles in size as shown in pic below.
Using same ghee roast almonds, cashews, pista, melon seeds, khus and rawa. Keep aside.
Once this come down to room temperature, blend to make coarse mixture, make sure not to make it to fine powder. You can keep handful of nuts aside for garnishing.
Now add 2 tbsp more and roast whole wheat flour (Atta) on low flame, stirring in between, till it becomes fragrant. This will take around 10-15 minutes. 
Once it is golden in color and aromatic turn the flame off.
Add roasted suji, nuts powder, saunth powder, elachi powder and saunf powder.
Enjoy warm or serve at room temperature with warm glass of milk.
1. Keep roasting gond on low to medium heat till it doubles in size.
2.  You can keep 1/4 cup aside of roasted nuts mix for garnishing.
3. Lotus stem (Makhane) too is added in this recipe but this time I skipped it. You can simply roast it like other dry fruits till crispy and crunchy. 

4. To give it a more healthy twist you can add flax seeds, sunflower seeds too.

5. It’s not necessary to roast suji / rawa separately, you can mix both atta and suji and roast it together. 

6. Don’t over add ghee while roasting atta else it will become sticky. For granulated panjiri add less ghee while roasting atta.

7. One of the most important point to kept in mind is: add sugar when atta is at room temperature, don’t add sugar even if it is warm.

8. It can be stored in air-tight jar upto 3 weeks.

9. I give this as evening snack (around half bowl) with warm glass of milk to my kids.

1. Heat 2 tbsp ghee add gond.

2. Roast till it doubles in size.

3. Remove gond and add almonds.

3. Roast till brown.

4. Remove almonds and add cashews.

5. Roast till golden in colour.

6. Roast pista.

7. Add melon seeds.

8. Roast till brown.

9. Add khus.

10. Roast.


11. All the roasted ingredients are ready. 

12. Transfer in food processor or blender and give a quick pulse to make coarse powder.

13. Make sure not to make fine powder. Keep aside.

14. Add 1 tbsp ghee and roast rawa.

15. Keep aside.

16. For roasting atta we don’t require more than 2-3 tbsp spoon. If ghee is less add more and roast atta.

17. Atta is roasted and turned brown. Turn off the flame.

18. Once atta cools down completely add powdered sugar and nuts powder.

19. Mix well and serve.
20. Garnish with extra roasted nuts (which we kept aside before blending).

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