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Mango season is incomplete without ice-cream. It’s injustice not to amalgamate king of fruits with king of dessert…hahaha… 

Though you can do justice with mango by making Royal Mango shake, Mango  pudding, Stuffed Mango ice-cream, No- bake mango cheese cake and many more.

But a perfect blend of mango with ice-cream is truly divine which kids love to its core.

There are many ways of making mango ice-cream but this one is the most easiest and creamy. In this recipe I have used whip cream but those who don’t have equipment to whip the cream can follow my quick mango ice-cream recipe. 

1 cup whipping or heavy cream
1 cup mango puree
1 cup chopped mangoes

1/2 cup condensed milk
1/2 cup milk

1. Peel the skin of mangoes and blend to get 1 cup mango puree. Keep aside.

2.  Chop mangoes to get 1 cup and keep aside.

3. Whip heavy cream till soft peaks are formed.

4. Add mango puree and whip again. You can reserve 1/4 cup to make swirl on top as I did.

5. Add condensed milk and milk, whip. Add some chopped mangoes and mix.

6. Transfer in bowl, make swirl or just spread some mango puree on top and freeze.

7. Freeze for 8-9 or till firm. Serve chilled and enjoy summers.


1. Peel the skin and make puree of mangoes. Keep aside.

2. Whip heavy cream till soft peaks are formed.

3. Add condensed milk.

4. Milk. Whip again.

5. Mango puree.

6. Chopped mangoes.

7. Transfer in a freezing bowl and make some swirl.

8. It’s nicely set.

9. Let’s scoop out!!

10. Some more!

11. I love this melting smelting ice-cream……….

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Karen Carmel Rego tried this recipe and shared her feedback and this yummy pic! Thank you Karen!

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