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I’m teaming up with wine guru Michael Olivier for excellent recipe + wine pairings

I’m excited to tell you that my friend Michael Olivier will be collaborating with me on this blog from now on. Michael has agreed to provide expert wine recommendations for all my future recipes, and I’m ridiculously pleased to team up with him.

Revered Cape food & wine fundi Michael Olivier. Follow him on Twitter: @manmetdiepan

Anyone who knows Michael will agree that his huge kind heart is just one among his many endearing qualities. I first met him some four years ago, when he congratulated me on a speech I gave about seminal food writers at the 2012 South African Food Blogger’s Conference. I was an unknown food blogger, and he was one of the Cape’s best-loved elders in the food and wine community. I appreciated this because at the time – and not much has changed since then, I’m afraid – food bloggers were regarded by many in the mainstream food media as talentless upstarts.

We formed an instant connection and were soon firm friends. Over the ensuing years, Michael became a treasured mentor. He encouraged and supported me with boundless enthusiasm, as he’s done for so many newcomers to the Cape food world – budding chefs, young wine-makers, beginner food bloggers, and so on.  Michael’s rare generosity in sharing his expertise, with no expectation of anything in return, reminds me of that quote ‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle’.   He’s also very funny, very clever, practical, implacable and stuffed with knowledge, which sums up what I want in a friend.

Last year Michael won the Lannice Snyman Lifetime Achievement Award from Eat Out, affirming his position as le grand fromage (The Big Cheese) of South African food & wine.

I know very little about wine – apart from being an expert in drinking it – and have not much interest in this area, so I hope Michael’s inspired recommendations will teach me (and you) about a whole new world of flavour.

I must mention (with an exasperated sigh) that no money, favours or freebies are exchanging hands in this collaboration – it’s only about a love of wine, food, and each other.

The first two recipes updated with Michael’s wine pairings:

My Low-Carb Double-Cauliflower Cheese

Beef Shin, Tomato & Olive Stew

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