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Cooking Light Challenge

For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a recipe a day from Cooking Light magazines. I love this magazine and usually find loads of tips, recipes, and exercises in this magazine. I’ll be posting seven recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I may add a dessert or two but I’m not a big fan of serving dessert everyday. The plan is to post a recipe a day and share my thoughts on the dish. Also I’ve weighed myself and I’ll post how much weight I did lose during the week on the final day of posting recipes. I’ll be doing exercise too so the weight loss won’t just be due to the meals. Also at the end of my “challenge” I’ll be giving away a years subscription to the magazine to a lucky winner or two or possibly three. To enter for a chance to win you just need to comment on the recipes. Each comment earns you a chance to win. If you blog about the contest or post it on facebook or any other website lmk and I’ll add an additional entry for each one. I’m thinking it will take 21-24 days to post all the recipes at a rate of one per day. Check back later today for the first recipe which will be a breakfast dish.

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