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Turnips and Rutabaga

Fondant Potatoes & Turnips

Well, this was my very first attempt at Fondant Potatoes, and I can’t say I did a lovely job. I know exactly what happened – wrong potatoes, unclarified butter, and did not cook long enough – and let those things happen anyway. They were delicious anyway, so no few regrets. First off I didn’t use waxy potatoes – I used …

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Pasta with Sausage & Turnip Greens

I planted some little Goldana turnips about 5 or 6 weeks ago, along with some radishes. The radishes are pretty much over,  but the turnips are just filling out. Also, they needed thinning! I used the thinnings for this dish, and was quite impressed by them. In spite of how hot and dry it has been they were not bitter …

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Turnips with Bacon & Onion

I’ve done a fancier version of this before; Rutabaga with Bacon, Mushrooms & Onions, but it bears repeating, and turnips are bit different from their cousins the rutabagas. For one thing they cook much more quickly. I was delighted to find some Ontario turnips at the grocery store last week, but then I got them home and realized neither of …

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Sausage, Rutabaga, & Apple Pie

Here’s another one inspired by an old cook book. As usual I forgot to note which one, but it was something English and mid to late 19th century as far as I can recall. It is pretty rare for me to pull out anything interesting from cook books of that era at this point, but this one caught my eye. …

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