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Spices Seasonings and Condiments

Poutine with Homemade Gravy

I saw this recipe for Poutine gravy and thought I had to give it a try. As usual I have put my sticky hands all over it, not to mention that I found the quantities required to be more than a little vague for certain key items. I tried to intensify the meatiness of it by concentrating the stocks, and …

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Hungarian Seasoning Blend

I first mixed this up many years ago (not this batch!) from a description in I Hear America Cooking, by Betty Fussell. It listed the spices, without the proportions, but it sounded interesting enough for me to come up with a version. I think I added a few things too. Use this with chicken, fish, or pork, or in soups …

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Great Aunt Verna’s Tomato Jam Pickle

Last call to finish up the tomatoes! With all the hot weather we’ve been having, we are rolling into the end of the season with more ripe ones than usual, but it seems very clear the weather is about to turn.  I’ve posted at least one recipe that I can recall from Treasured Recipes of the Mount Family before; here’s …

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Spicy Ginger-Garlic Cream Sauce

I really wrestled with what to call this. It is not quite the sauce used to make Butter Chicken. I consulted various versions at length, though; and if you cooked chicken in it and called it Butter Chicken it wouldn’t be the stupidest thing anyone has ever said. I was aiming for something a little more lightly spiced, but with …

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Haskap Barbecue Sauce on Chicken

Yeah, I know I just did a fruity barbecue sauce. So now I have done another one. And yes, there are definite points of resemblance. Still, there are a fair few points of difference as well, and put on chicken thighs this was a quite different dish. I will probably try this with some other berries. Blueberries or raspberries strike …

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