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A discovery: how to cook beef topside & fillet in a wonderful Wonderbag

It’s taken several months of experimentation to write this blogpost, because I wanted to test the method over and again so it works perfectly for you every time. In a nutshell: you can use the Wonderbag, a brilliant energy-saving South African innovation, to produce tender beef topside (and fillet) that’s uniformly pink within, dark and caramelised on the outside, and filled with flavoursome …

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Potted Pork Shoulder with Green Peppercorns, from the leftovers of a roast

A generous handful of green peppercorns adds bite. Every now and then I slow-roast a hefty shoulder of pork, because this is a joint that’s still relatively affordable, and because brittle golden crackling is such an old-fashioned treat.  Mostly, though, it’s because I crave the toothsome stickiness of tender, fall-apart pork. There are usually plenty of leftovers the next morning: …

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Glazed Roast Pork Neck with a Gingery Fresh-Prune Relish

All week long I’ve been feasting on ripe plums, which are in high season in South Africa. Plums are among my favourite fruits, so I was ridiculously pleased to find a gleaming pile of prune plums in my local supermarket. They reminded me of this pork-neck dish, which I haven’t made in a while, and I galloped home with pockets bulging, all …

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Moroccan-Spiced Carrot and Chickpea Salad with Mint & Almonds

I think carrots are both underrated and neglected.  How many classic dishes of world cuisine feature carrots as the starring ingredient? You can count them on one hand: Carrots Vichy, Moroccan carrot salads, spicy Indian carrot pickles, carrot cake and… um… that’s four fingers… can someone help me out here? A flavour-packed vegetarian salad featuring carrots in a starring role.  Truth …

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Announcing my Scrumptious new cook book!

I’m excited and proud to announce that Cape Town publishers Random House Struik will be publishing my first cook book at the beginning of July 2012. I styled the photographs myself because I wantedcomplete creative control over the look of the book. Although I can’t yet tell you what the title of the book is, it has (of course!) the word …

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Boozy, Fruity Trifle Cake for Christmas

I couldn’t decide between a chocolate-nutty cake or a boozy-fruity one for this, my second Christmas recipe for 2011, so I asked my Facebook friends which one they’d most fancy on the table this year. Although a few were doggedly in the chocolate camp, most voted for a boozy/fruity pudding.  My friend Fiona Snyckers summed it up very well: “When Pooh Bear was …

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