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Recipes: Chocolate

Beetroot Brownies (wheat-free, possibly gluten-free)

Photo by Juta Kübarsepp for the March 2014 issue of Kodu ja Aed magazine.  March. While in some far away corners this means new season’s rhubarb and spring greens, then here in far North it’s time to dig out the last of the last season’s root vegetables and do something nice with them. Beetroot is one of my favourites (see …

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Chocolate Muffins Recipe

Recipe repost. This was originally posted in February 2010. I’m jumping on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon here. I must admit it’s not a holiday that we celebrate, really. Though Valentine’s Day/Friends’ Day has become increasingly popular amongst the younger generation here in Estonia, I was out of high school way before that trend began here. But it’s a good excuse …

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Recipe for DIY Bounty bites aka homemade Mounds candy bars

Some home-made candy bars for a change. If you live in the US, then you’d think of these as Mounds, the candy bar produced by Hershey’s. Everywhere else – including UK and Canada – you’d recognise these as Bounty, the candy bar produced by Mars Inc. A dense and sweet coconut centre, enrobed with either dark or milk chocolate. I …

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Simple Magic bars recipe

I was due to give a Scottish cookery class last Sunday in Aegviidu – a small town about an hour from Tallinn. While finalising the menu for the cookery class (skirlie and clapshot and cranachan and such like), I flipped again through the pages of Scottish author’s Sue Lawrence‘s excellent “A Cook’s Tour of Scotland: from Barra to Brora in 120 …

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