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Queso de Puerco…Pig’s Head Cheese

QUESO de PUERCO…or…QUESOS de CABEZAsounds a lot better than the translation…HEAD CHEESE but wait…don’t go…come back… all this talk about nose to tail eating, waste not want not, being green and everything…you can’t tell me you’re gonna shy away from a little head cheese. come on…be the adventurous foodie that you think you are…it’s delicious! i know the picture is …

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Menu Plan – Sweet and Sour Rhubarb Pork Chops

 Rhubarb Menu Plan Sunday is a good day to Menu Plan. Take a few minutes and look at your calendar. Decide what you want to cook for the week and remember to include the side dishes. Write a shopping list, and do your grocery shop. To add some excitement to this boring routine, try shopping at a different grocery …

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