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Easy Hock Terrine

what to do with big beautiful UGLY ham hock…? break it down, tear it apart, smash it in to a loaf tin… call it charcuterie !… hi peoples… sorry, “writers block”… ha…how apropos.  a block for a block. maybe that’s why i have 23 drafts with photos and recipes waiting for some fabulous intelligent description…hmmm…intelligent just ain’t gonna happen. SO…this is a …

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Pork Steaks with Wine, Tarragon and Mustard

I don’t need any encouragement to come up with a recipe that uses wine, because it’s one of those ingredients that adds instant flavour and complexity to so many home-cooked dishes. Here, I’ve paired juicy pork steaks with a voluptuous sauce of cream, mustard, tarragon and Nederburg’s 2011 Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay blend, created specially for Masterchef, in collaboration with Woolworths. This …

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Spicy Sausage Marinara (low carb Pasta)

i’ll bet most home cooks have their own version of an Italian Marinara Sauce in their back pocket. OR…know someone with the best red sauce recipe…OR you have your in-laws’ Italian Grandma’s hand written “gravy” recipe framed on the kitchen wall..well, i do know someone, but i usually just wait for her to have a big family dinner and hope …

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Queso de Puerco…Pig’s Head Cheese

QUESO de PUERCO…or…QUESOS de CABEZAsounds a lot better than the translation…HEAD CHEESE but wait…don’t go…come back… all this talk about nose to tail eating, waste not want not, being green and everything…you can’t tell me you’re gonna shy away from a little head cheese. come on…be the adventurous foodie that you think you are…it’s delicious! i know the picture is …

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Menu Plan – Sweet and Sour Rhubarb Pork Chops

 Rhubarb Menu Plan Sunday is a good day to Menu Plan. Take a few minutes and look at your calendar. Decide what you want to cook for the week and remember to include the side dishes. Write a shopping list, and do your grocery shop. To add some excitement to this boring routine, try shopping at a different grocery …

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