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Drained Maas Cheese Roll with Lemon, Pepper & Smoked Paprika

I’ve had a lovely response to my recipe for drained maas [amasi] cheese – thank you for the emails and messages!  I’m so excited by this method for making gorgeous soft white cheese at home that I’ve made three more batches this week, experimenting with a variety of flavours. Here is my current favourite: a ‘salami’ of cheese with lemon zest …

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Vegetarian Aubergine Burgers with Poached Eggs & a Paprika-Garlic Dressing

Here is my new recipe for vegetarian burger patties made from aubergines. These are juicy, satisfying and flavoursome, and they contain neither soy protein nor any of the similar sawdusty meat substitutes so often added to vegetarian dishes. These do, I admit, take some time and effort to make, but I promise you won’t be disappointed by the result. Start this …

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Creamed Curried Mushrooms on Toast

Mushrooms, even bog-standard supermarket buttons, have a delicate taste, so it may seem illogical to pair them with warm and assertive spices.   But if you use your spices with a light hand, and allow the forest-floor flavours of the mushrooms to shine gently in the background, you will be amazed at how good lightly curried (and very creamy) mushrooms …

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