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Chipotle Braised Short Ribs

THE SHORT RIB IS KING !!! BUT…this recipe is great for a lot of slow cooked meats….i’ve cooked beef cheeks, pork necks and soon will test some pork belly and trotters.AN ABSOLUTE MUST TRY !go BIG or go home…i mean…make EXTRA.you will thank me later.OH…and as the original recipe states…if you can wait a day after cooking, it gets even …

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Country Pate with Gluten and Dairy Free Panade

PATE de CAMPAGNE COUNTRY PATE aka ULTRA FANCY MEATLOAF one of the most satisfying foods i love/hate to make.  every time i make it, i curse at myself for the time and detail i go into and how i can make this one even better than the last one, BUT when it’s time to unveil and i get that first …

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YES…hands down THE BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER EATEN TEN SIMPLE STEPS TO THE BEST BURGER 1.  buy some good rib eye. 2.  grind the meat yourself. 3.  don’t pack the patty. 4.  cast iron skillet, searing hot 5.  medium rare is the way to go… 6.  remove from skillet before you think it’s done. 7.  rest the meat! 8. …

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Spicy Sausage Marinara (low carb Pasta)

i’ll bet most home cooks have their own version of an Italian Marinara Sauce in their back pocket. OR…know someone with the best red sauce recipe…OR you have your in-laws’ Italian Grandma’s hand written “gravy” recipe framed on the kitchen wall..well, i do know someone, but i usually just wait for her to have a big family dinner and hope …

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Queso de Puerco…Pig’s Head Cheese

QUESO de PUERCO…or…QUESOS de CABEZAsounds a lot better than the translation…HEAD CHEESE but wait…don’t go…come back… all this talk about nose to tail eating, waste not want not, being green and everything…you can’t tell me you’re gonna shy away from a little head cheese. come on…be the adventurous foodie that you think you are…it’s delicious! i know the picture is …

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