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Meal Planning Tips

How To Set A Table

table setting to impress You may find yourself entertaining relatives or friends at a sit-down dinner at home. Here’s a refresher on how to set a table to impress. Plan everything at once. Think about whether you will have a tablecloth or simply place mats. Will you have linen or paper napkins? Candles or a centre piece (not too tall, …

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How To Menu Plan – Free On Line Course

It is 2017! It’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s cooking goals. What do you want to do differently? Cook more at home? Cook with more vegetables or whole grains? How about cooking with different spices. How about menu planning? It is a fantastic tool for the everyday home cook. We have a free short course on how …

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The High Cost of Food = Planning Ahead

“Whoa, that sure has gotten lighter,” said the grocery cashier as she scanned my food package at the check out counter. Have you noticed how crackers or cookies in food packages are smaller these days? If you look closely, packaging may be the same size on the outside, however, the crackers or cookies have shrunk on the inside. Yet the …

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Menu Planning

Menu planning helps to get one’s cooking life in order. When you come home at the end of a busy day and know what you are going to cook for dinner plus have all the food in the house it is like walking into a magically clean house. A sense of calm prevails.Not that I do this every week, but …

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Strawberry Jam

Fresh red strawberries Weekend’s are a good day to menu plan for the week.. and why not try making strawberry jam? It’s the weekend and a good day to menu plan. Take 30 minutes and sit down with a blank piece of paper to figure out what you’ll cook for the family this week. Decide on all your main meals …

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Menu Plan – Sweet and Sour Rhubarb Pork Chops

 Rhubarb Menu Plan Sunday is a good day to Menu Plan. Take a few minutes and look at your calendar. Decide what you want to cook for the week and remember to include the side dishes. Write a shopping list, and do your grocery shop. To add some excitement to this boring routine, try shopping at a different grocery …

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