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Main Dish: Seafood

Butter Shrimp

This is my new favorite dish. I’ve been on a crazy seafood kick lately and this just hits the spot! YUMM!! It’s also so easy and fast to make, which this momma ALWAYS loves. It goes perfect atop warm, parmesan noodles also…just FYI. Do you want to splurge and make a decadent meal that super quick, but delicious? Then make …

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Toasted Sesame Salmon

I’ve been craving a lot of fish lately, mainly Asia salmon. Weird, right? I had that craving almost every other day while I was pregnant and never had the energy to make it or pay for it at a restaurant. I found this recipe and knew it was going to be perfect. All the ingredients just go together, you know? …

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Fish Tacos With Avocado Cream

I like to make fish about once a week if I can. The kids have really come to like it. This recipe is so easy and is perfect for those nights you don’t feel like cooking – it can be whipped up in no time flat…like literally 10 minutes. It’s so flavorful and super delicious, not to mention healthy:) 2 …

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Garlic Shrimp Pasta

I was really feeling like a shrimp pasta dish today. And what Mommy wants, Mommy gets:) This is so light, yet packed full of flavor. I was worried that the sauce wouldn’t be “saucy” enough and I can’t eat a pasta without a flavorful sauce, but I was surprised at how thick and delicious the sauce was. If you’re looking …

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