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Espresso Pudding Coffee Jelly Surprise

SURPRISE…!? IT’S ONLY 75 CALORIES it’s fat free IT’S FULL O’ PROTEIN with a caffeine kick in the pants. fabulous PROTEIN-PICK-ME-UP… much more fun than an energy drink or a calorie/carb filled protein bar. a pretty little guilt free dessert or a satisfying late night sweet snack attack. ESPRESSO PUDDING COFFEE JELLY SURPRISE COFFEE JELLY…jello 3/4 cup cold coffee 1 …

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Vietnamese Coffee Jelly Dessert…easy

super easy, clean and tasty cool dessert for a summer party. OR…just kick start your day, maybe brighten a June gloom afternoon… coffee jelly, or JELLO as we call it, is a popular dessert in Asia.  in Japan they serve it black, slightly sweetened in a cup…or sometimes offer it with ice cream or in milkshakes.  it’s even served with …

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