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10 Ways To Reduce Food Waste And Save Money On Your Monthly Food Bill

Only buy the veggies you need to reduce food waste There’s so much guilt around food these days. We’re bombarded every day with guilt about our eating as I previously wrote in another blog post. I suggest it’s time to by-pass the guilt and just enjoy food. Appreciate all the tastiness, pleasure and health benefits it gives us, guilt-free…even if …

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Bored With Cooking? Here Are Some Ideas To Energize You In Your Kitchen

Let’s face it; the routine of cooking everyday is repetitive, boring and monotonous. Thinking about ‘what to cook for dinner’ can be the biggest stressor of your day. It’s why meal prep companies are expanding as fast as the Internet. Even Walmart is getting into the meal prep business! There’s also pressure to make your meals look as perfect and …

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10 Healthy Eating Hacks To Keep You On Track

How are your healthy eating New Year’s resolutions going? Kudos to you if you’re still on track…here are 10 healthy eating hacks to keep you going.

 1. Portion out your potato chips into a small bowl before you start eating them and then hide the rest of the bag!
 2. Look for baking recipes that require less than 1 cup …

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Avocado Food Facts

Avocado Avocado Food Fact Here are some fun food facts about the avocado you may never have known: The avocado is a fruit that’s full of fat.1 cup pureed avocado is 384 calories, most of it is from fat.Two of the more common types of avocados are the black hass and the thin-skinned green fuerte.When ripe, an avocado should be …

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How Do Cranberries Grow?

Do you know how cranberries grow? The scarlet colour of cranberries and their tangy flavour add a colourful lustre to winter recipes. Cranberries grow on vines in marshes or bogs. In spring they bloom with pink flowers, in summer the flowers give way to green buds which become ripe cranberries in September. Most cranberries are harvested by flooding fields. “Egg …

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How To Eat Kohlrabi

Green Kohlrabi Do you buy and eat kohlrabi? It’s a vegetable that looks intriguing but also intimidating. It reminds me of a remote controlled green (or purple or white) space ship with green parachute leaves. What do you with it? Peel it? Cook it? Or eat it raw? I was told years ago in one of my classes that they …

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Should I Refrigerate Eggs?

Farm fresh eggs from the Farmers Market Have you ever wondered why eggs are refrigerated in North America and not in Europe? The answer is because hens lay eggs with a protective coating that naturally protects eggs from becoming contaminated with salmonella. In North America, the eggs are washed and sanitized which removes the protective coating. Hence, the reason they …

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How To Buy An Eggplant

How to buy the best eggplant True or False? Eggplants are a fruit ? If you guessed fruit you are 100% right. Eggplants first appeared in China during the 5th century. Although they are now eaten in countries world-wide they are prevalent in many Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. A common eggplant found in local grocery stores is fairly …

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What Are Modified Milk Ingredients?

“And, it’s made with real liquid milk,” said the elderly woman in a chef’s hat and apron at the grocery store. She handed me a small, free sample of Monterey Jack cheese produced by a Canadian cheese company. “And, it has no modified milk ingredients in it.” She added. “Oh really?” I said. “And what exactly are modified milk ingredients?” …

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