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What Are Modified Milk Ingredients?

“And, it’s made with real liquid milk,” said the elderly woman in a chef’s hat and apron at the grocery store. She handed me a small, free sample of Monterey Jack cheese produced by a Canadian cheese company. “And, it has no modified milk ingredients in it.” She added. “Oh really?” I said. “And what exactly are modified milk ingredients?” …

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Are You Being Tricked By Food Marketing?

I often buy food products thinking I’ve made a wise and tasty choice. The packaging grabs my attention and reels me in. We’re all so programmed these days to eat healthy and food packaging always tell us how good-for-us their food is. I often believe it, because, well….because the package tells us so! Food marketing can trick you into buying …

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A Food Paradox

We all know how to eat well. Everyday we are reminded how by the media, the health experts and even the food packaging. Walk down any grocery store aisle and you will be bombarded with food products screaming healthy messages: low fat, transfat free, low sodium, natural, light, 0 calories, whole grains, fibre! It’s all so confusing and at times …

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