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unbelievable crispy skin pork belly. this is what pork belly dreams are made of… i could’ve eaten the whole thing right then and there…YIKES ! the BEST crispy skin i have ever accomplished.   maybe it was the technique…maybe because i didn’t mess with it.  maybe it was just THIS piece of belly…all i did was season it up and …

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Crispy Skin Bone-in Pork Belly by Bill Granger

here you are…as promised … the 3 to 4 hour PORK BELLY if you’ve been following along you probably read about the delicious 3 DAY Pork Belly.  well, this one takes about 3-4 HOURS and it’s just as pork-belly-icious!.   i always say… “you can’t go wrong with pork belly”. this technique produces the ultimate crispy crunchy skin and… juicy fat …

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Easy Hock Terrine

what to do with big beautiful UGLY ham hock…? break it down, tear it apart, smash it in to a loaf tin… call it charcuterie !… hi peoples… sorry, “writers block”… ha…how apropos.  a block for a block. maybe that’s why i have 23 drafts with photos and recipes waiting for some fabulous intelligent description…hmmm…intelligent just ain’t gonna happen. SO…this is a …

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Cured Pork Belly Roasted with Apple, Onion and Brown Sugar

PORK BELLY WINS AGAIN. i go to the Asian market every few weeks just to pick up some fresh tofu and some chili oil…maybe a few sweets for Dad from the bakery next door… how does that darn pork belly jump into my shopping cart every single time ? ! mmmmm…the pork belly is succulent, the bacon is crispy, the …

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Roasted Bone Marrow with Tarragon Orange Gremolata and Pickled Shallots

BONE BUTTER… unctuous bone marrow on crispy sauteed butter bread from 85c Bakery. not for the meek, nor the weak…no pansy palettes allowed at this table. i love bone marrow…every time i see some beautiful bones at the market i HAVE to get them.   if you haven’t had the pleasure, this is an easy introduction to a delicious savory… …

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