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Low-Carb Roast Baby Cabbage Wedges with Bacon

My sister, an excellent cook, suggested this method for roasting fresh young cabbages, and I was dubious at first because I’m not enthusiastic about cooked cabbage. How wrong I was – thank you Sophie! These tender, slightly charred wedges are quite simply delicious with their plain dressing of fruity olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Low-Carb Roast Baby Cabbage Wedges …

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Seared Beef or Venison ‘Carpaccio’ with a Thai-Style Dressing

Carpaccio is a brilliant choice of starter or snack if you’re on a low-carb or diabetic regime. I’m always astonished when people tell me they don’t fancy carpaccio, because to my mind the combination of rosy leaves of beef fillet, sharp salty Parmesan shavings, fruity olive oil and a spritz of lemon juice is the food of the gods. It …

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Low-Carb Lemon & Turmeric Meatballs in Lettuce Cups, with a Creamy Tahini Sauce

You can add any spices and aromatics you fancy to these juicy no-carb meatballs. I’ve included two hefty teaspoons of turmeric (because scientists keep discovering the amazing health benefits of this interesting yellow root) plus lemon zest for zing, and the usual warming spices I love so much –  cumin, coriander and smoked paprika. These are quick and easy to make …

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Low-Carb Pea, Spinach and Parsley Soup with Bacon Bows

Sequinned with olive oil, swirled with cream and flourished with a bacon bow, this fresh-flavoured soup is quick to make and tastes as lovely as a spring morning. The bacon bow is twee, I admit, but I added it to my soup as a personal reminder a) to have fun with food and b) that a bit o’ bacon is …

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Low-Carb Recipes: 35 Scrumptious Dishes from South Africa

I’ve had a flurry of emails from readers since I featured three low-carbohydrate recipes on this blog in recent months, all from people who’ve been inspired by South African sports scientist Professor Tim Noakes’ recent conversion to a low-carb eating plan. My version of Indonesian Gado-Gado (recipe below) People on this regime seem to struggle most with finding interesting, satisfying vegetable …

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