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Cuisine: Russian

Layered Vegetable Salad with Smoked Salmon

(From the Nami-Nami recipe archives.) “Kasukas” – “fur coat” – is a name for a layered vegetable salad that is very popular here in Estonia, especially during the cold and dark season. The salad has chopped cured herring as the bottom layer, topped with layers of grated or chopped beets, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables and “glued together” with thin …

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Recipe for Beef Stroganoff with Chantarelle Mushrooms

Recipe by Nami-Nami. Above photo by Juta Kübarsepp for the September 2013 issue of Kodu ja Aed (“Home and Garden”, an Estonian monthly magazine. I’ve been their food writer since October 2012) Boeuf Stroganoff, a popular family classic, gets an seasonal-autumnal touch here from fresh chanterelle mushrooms. As I’ve mentioned in another post, stroganoff doesn’t usually include mushrooms over here. …

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How do you take your tea? Russian Revels and their Tea Horse tea

Although I like my coffee – a lot – I’ve been drinking more tea again recently. My tea-loving friends are to blame – first KAFO sent me nine jars of their just t’s Black Label No X teas  to try (I’m still in love with their Luxury Earl Grey tea that I used to me those dainty Earl Grey cookies). …

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