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Holiday baking: Sliced Almond Christmas Cookies

From the recipe archives! It’s the time to bake various Christmas cookies again. While I’ll certainly be making and baking and decorating a batch of these favourite Estonian piparkoogid (“pepper cakes”), then this year I have another recipe in mind as well. These sliced Christmas cookies with almonds found their way into my heart in the midst of the summer …

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Smoked salmon and spinach quiche

Some seven years ago, when my dear K. and I met for a long weekend date in Paris. One morning we had a late breakfast at Bread & Roses, a lovely deli-cafe near the Luxemburg gardens. I cannot recall exactly what else we had, but we definitely had a really lovely smoked salmon and spinach quiche. I even wrote about it back …

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Braised rabbit with mustard (lapin à la moutarde)

Photo by Juta Kübarsepp for the November 2012 issue of Kodu ja Aed magazine. It’s snowing outside, and once again I’m craving something belly- and heart-warming. This braised rabbit with mustard sauce (lapin à la moutarde) hits the spot. Rabbit has become more easily available here in Estonia for an average shopper (read: you can get it vacuum-packed in your local …

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Oxtail ragout with celeriac mash

Oxtail – isn’t it beautiful? I admit that I blatantly nicked the idea for today’s post from the wonderful Jeanne in London, who wrote about a 20-hour sous vide oxtail stew in her award-winning blog, Cook Sister! Here’s my oxtail story. Albarracín at night, March 2008 I still remember my first encounter with oxtail – on a plate, I mean. My dear K. and I …

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