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Cuisine: Estonian

Puff pastry pinwheels with black pudding and lingonberry jam

Black pudding (aka blood sausages) with lingonberry jam are one of the staples on Estonian Christmas table and I like using these two elements in other dishes as well. Here’s a small pastry that I’ve been baking for 5 years already. The initial idea isn’t mine. Back in November 2008 I took part at a two-day cooking course (“Modern Christmas …

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Oven-baked pork stroganoff with mayonnaise

Stroganoff, for most of you, is associated with the Russian dish boeuf stroganoff, a creamy sauce based on thin beef tenderloin strips and perhaps button mushrooms (interestingly, mushrooms aren’t included in böfstrooganov over here). But stroganoff it’s also used as a shorthand for various hot dishes using long and thin meat strips. Say, something you’d probably call pork or beef stir-fry …

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My recipes in Home & Garden (Kodu & Aed), October 2012

This is the cover of the October issue of one of the best-selling home magazines in Estonia, Kodu and Aed (Home and Garden) and it has my name on the cover page 🙂 “How come?”, you wonder. In early September I got a phone call from their editor-in-chief, Ms Veigel, asking if I’d be interested in being the editor of …

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Average Betty makes traditional Estonian barley bread

Remember my recent post about a quirky American foodblogger, Sara o’Donnell aka Average Betty, visiting Estonia? Well, she’s now back home, and going through all the lovely recipes served at our party and mentioned in my post (or at least that’s what I’d love to think :)). She has also posted her first Estonian recipe video on her very popular …

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Estonian cookie cake (küpsisetort)

Here’s a true Estonian classic – a layered cookie cake. If you’ve been reading Nami-Nami blog, you may remember that an Estonian cookie cake was also featured at the festive spread we served for Average Betty few weeks ago. It’s a popular cake on children’s birthday parties and on September 1st (the day all Estonian kids go back to school). …

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