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Strawberry Cucumber Salad

One of my earliest recipes on this blog was for a salad with strawberries and cucumbers. This take is a little lighter and simpler; a side salad rather than a meal in itself. Still, although I have omitted a great deal of cheese and replaced it with a sprinkling of toasted pumpkin seeds, I was surprised to take a look …

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Cucumbers with Chervil

Oh, here’s a difficult recipe. Actually, given that you probably have to grow chervil yourself in order to have it, it’s more difficult than it looks at first glance. But if you can get that part down, the rest of it is a doddle. Cucumbers and chervil go together most amazingly well. This is an extremely refreshing little spring salad …

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Red Cabbage Slaw in Cucumber Boats

Cucumber boats filled with red cabbage slaw make a simple but very visually striking salad and they combine very nicely in the mouth too. It’s a bit hard to say how many cucumbers this amount of slaw will fill; it will depend on the size you get and to some degree you will have to eyeball it. I only had …

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Spring Roll Salad with Chicken

It seems I’ve gotten a bit out of the habit of making salads, so I am trying to do more of them this winter, which is never the easiest time for salads but it can be done. It helps that I’ve been really quite impressed with the greenhouse lettuce I’ve been getting this winter. There is a lot more variety …

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Low-Carb Cucumber, Dill & Yoghurt Salad with Capers and Anchovies

I can’t get enough of this light, flavour-packed cucumber salad, and luckily I get plenty of it, because my kids think it’s vile. They just don’t understand my love affair with Scandinavian flavours such as dill, capers, lemon, salmon, boiled eggs and anchovies, possibly because their Norwegian DNA – courtesy of my Great-Grandma – has been diluted to the point that …

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