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Blended Mocha Iced Coffee

Just a quick post to help beat the summer (spring?) heat. A good blender is a great investment, especially when you can churn out tasty drinks like this that aren’t cheap at your local coffee place (and are really mostly ice anyway). Add whatever you want to this base recipe to customize it to your liking. INGREDIENTS Makes 2 servings …

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Vietnamese Coffee Jelly Dessert…easy

super easy, clean and tasty cool dessert for a summer party. OR…just kick start your day, maybe brighten a June gloom afternoon… coffee jelly, or JELLO as we call it, is a popular dessert in Asia.  in Japan they serve it black, slightly sweetened in a cup…or sometimes offer it with ice cream or in milkshakes.  it’s even served with …

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Vietnamese Coffee…bold and sweet

it begins with a hefty dollop of sweetened (guilty pleasure) condensed milk.. then a 2T. pour… and a 20 second wait… followed by 190F degree pour and a 4 minute drip… a slight sweet stir…    and you have a delectable”Phin-filter” brewed, strong,  bold, yet smooth Vietnamese coffee with a sweet creamy finish from the thick sweetened milk. some like to …

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