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Garbanzo Bread (or buns)

I developed this recipe to get rid of the many cans of beans I had sitting in my fridge, drained of their precious aquafaba. The beans up the protein content of the bread and enrich the dough, giving it a wonderfully soft texture and more delicate crumb. Although the sponge does smell rather “beany,” the chickpeas are indistinguishable in the …

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Umami Burgers

These burgers came about from trying to use up the cans of chickpeas in my fridge from making batch after batch of Lemon Meringue Tarts. I first turned to my three go to sources of umami: tomatoes, soy sauce, and mushrooms. For texture, I used barley (like my Tourtière recipe). The end result is a durable (i.e. grillable) and non-mushy …

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Garbanzo Balls

If you are like me and have been experimenting with aquafaba, then you have a lot of chickpeas that need to get used up. And, if you are like me, then your kids have been begging you not to make another batch of hummus. These are the perfect addition to your favourite pasta and tomato sauce recipe. They have lots …

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Creamy Chickpeas and Biscuits

This is pure comfort food inspired by a frosty walk home one day. The creaminess of the coconut milk complements the earthiness of the chickpeas and the sweetness of the roasted pepper. And all of that on top of a tender biscuit. The biscuits are a Reinhart-esque riff on The New Basics Cookbook recipe. The key here is to make sure …

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Thai Orange Curry

Technically, this is a red curry, but the tumeric in the curry paste gives the final dish a wonderful orange colour. The key here is to make your own curry paste–it’s not too hard and the taste is fabulous. No one sells dried chiles around here, so I bought about 10 bags of them the last time I was in …

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