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Spicy Mexican Braised Pig Snouts

NOSE to tail i suppose you are only here if you are TRULY into nose to tail eating…OR if this purely fascinates or disgusts you. maybe just a LOOKY-LOO ? BUT think of it this way… THAT WHOLE PIG GAVE UP IT’S LIFE FOR YOUR SLICE OF BACON. we need to think out of the box…away from the “chop” i …

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Country Pate with Gluten and Dairy Free Panade

PATE de CAMPAGNE COUNTRY PATE aka ULTRA FANCY MEATLOAF one of the most satisfying foods i love/hate to make.  every time i make it, i curse at myself for the time and detail i go into and how i can make this one even better than the last one, BUT when it’s time to unveil and i get that first …

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Spicy Sweet Savory Pickled Cherries

PICKLED CHERRIES YOU ASK…??? WELL…PUCKER UP !!! THESE BABIES PACK AN AMAZINGLY POWERFUL FLAVOR PUNCH. THEY ARE ADDICTING. i don’t know how i got this idea that i HAD to make pickled cherries. i just wanted a way to enjoy all these beautiful cherries all year long.  i googled around and found a few recipes, but the vinegar thing was …

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Easy Hock Terrine

what to do with big beautiful UGLY ham hock…? break it down, tear it apart, smash it in to a loaf tin… call it charcuterie !… hi peoples… sorry, “writers block”… ha…how apropos.  a block for a block. maybe that’s why i have 23 drafts with photos and recipes waiting for some fabulous intelligent description…hmmm…intelligent just ain’t gonna happen. SO…this is a …

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Kalamata Fig and Shallot BACON Jam

BACON JAM…i know you’ve seen it.  you say, “so what?!” i’ll tell you what…IT’S DELICIOUS.  that’s what! i love it so much that it has become a staple in our house…a guaranteed little jar of sweet bacony goo will be in the fridge at all times.  it goes with just about EVERYTHING! i have made Spicy Chipotle Bacon Jam a couple …

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Queso de Puerco…Pig’s Head Cheese

QUESO de PUERCO…or…QUESOS de CABEZAsounds a lot better than the translation…HEAD CHEESE but wait…don’t go…come back… all this talk about nose to tail eating, waste not want not, being green and everything…you can’t tell me you’re gonna shy away from a little head cheese. come on…be the adventurous foodie that you think you are…it’s delicious! i know the picture is …

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