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Celery and Celeriac

Leek & Celeriac Soup

I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to put into this soup, but I was afraid it would be plain and dull. NO! It was delicious and indeed it didn’t need anything more. Well, Mr. Ferdzy lobbied for sour cream, but he is also Mr. Fat-Tooth so there is that. I thought it was excellent without it. Note that …

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Roast Chicken in a Clay Pot (Romertopf)

I’ve had a Romertopf (clay pot) for roasting meats for quite a long time, but I don’t feel like I get as much use out of it as I would like. I guess one of my new year’s resolutions will be to try to use some of my appliances more often than I do, and this can go down as …

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Chinese Style Chicken Salad

This was a pleasant one-dish meal for another hot, dry day. There is something just very appealing about cold noodles in a zingy sauce. I’m calling for you to poach the chicken, but this would be a great use for leftovers from a purchased rotisserie chicken, which in turn is a good way to keep the heat down in the …

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Barbunya Zeytinyagli

As soon as I started looking for Turkish recipes on line, this one came up again and again and again. Funny, we didn’t see it when we were there! I guess it’s considered “home cooking” and not restaurant fare. Most of the recipes were quite similar but some called for this, and some called for that. I looked at a …

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Celeriac Zeytinyagli

We saw quite a few of these “Zeytinyaglis” when we were in Turkey; that is to say, vegetables cooked with olive oil and served warm to cool. This one is excellent for late winter or early spring, since the only things it calls for that are not available are the peas – but you can use frozen – and the …

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