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Leek & Carrot Soup

Here is another soup, looking very plain, as soups so often do, but a particularly delicious combination. This is actually a sauce I made quite early in the history of this blog, thinned into a soup. It is a bit more intensely flavoured as a sauce, but it is very good as a soup as well. I’ve added a bit …

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Hearty Barley Soup OR Hearty Irish Stew

We celebrated the first day of spring today with a snow day for the kids.  We are still below zero here so I am still all about the soups and stews.  If you are having warmer weather and don’t feel like soup, I don’t want to hear about it.  This recipes makes use of a quick stock–all of the veggie …

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Roasted Winter Veggies and Tofu with Orange Cranberry Sauce

I thought I would squeak in one last recipe before American Thanksgiving just in case you aren’t sure what you are making this year.  I love this method for roasting veggies because it produces a dish reminiscent of the Sunday roasts of my youth.  The potatoes are my absolute favourite.  All of this can be made in one pan, so …

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Harvest Pies

I am actually on the ball this year and posting a Thanksgiving recipe a full week before Thanksgiving!  Yes, Canadian Thanksgiving is October 10.  So for you American readers I am really on the ball.  This recipe is a slight variation on the Winter Pies I posted a while back.  If you are pressed for time you could make these …

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