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Eggless Breakfast Dish

I’m not a fan of eggs. I don’t like eating them and I don’t really like the taste of them. Yet I see all those delicious looking recipes that call for them and crave the dish. Sometimes I have success making the dish eggless but most of the time I don’t. This was one of the successes. I’ve made this …

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Diner Style Pancakes

The kids love pancakes at the little mom and pop restaurants we frequent. I asked once how they make their pancakes as my kids usually just pick at my homemade ones and was told they add malted milk powder to the pancakes. Luckily for me the King Arthur Bakers Companion book had a good recipe for making these. Not only …

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Sausage Muffin

I love McDonald’s sausage Mcmuffins. However I am sure their mcmuffin is loaded with ingredients I’d prefer to keep out of my family’s diet. I used my homemade muffins for this but you could buy English muffins from the store. I buy the country sausage and shape it into patties myself but again you could buy the preformed sausage patties …

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Yeast Raised Glazed Doughnuts

Last chance to enter my giveaway for the tubes of tomato paste. 5pm tonight is the closing of the giveaway and I’ll announce the winners tomorrow. Click here to enter. My boys love doughnuts. They are always asking for a doughnut when we go to the store or drive past Krispy Kreme. I think the price of doughnuts are high …

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