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Pig Cheeks wrapped with Bacon, Brown sugar and Onion

MOVE OVER PORK BELLY… there’s a new kid in town. PIG CHEEK ROCKS !!! not that this is any new big discovery, but i have just recently fallen in love.  i simply can not explain how unctuous this small little nugget of pig meat is.  i’ve had beef cheeks before and they are absolutely fabulous in this recipe for Beef …

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“Half Pops” and Bacon Chocolate Cups …YUM !

POPCORN — BACON — CHOCOLATE crunchy sweet savory party in your mouth. “HALFPOPS”… have you discovered HALFPOPS yet ?! these are genius in a bag.  you know that crunchy “half popped” little kernel you search for at the bottom of the bowl of pop corn?…well, someone has discovered a way to package those crunchy little bits.  every tiny niblet in …

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Bacon Peanut Butter Pretzel Chocolates !

1#pound of bacon… 1#pound of chocolate… a handful of pretzels  and a little peanut butter… hands down…call your mama… shut the front door… absolutely one of the BEST BITES i have made all year.  CHOCOLATE… my newest obsession. i think this holiday season you might be seeing a lot of chocolates. i’ve already made 5 different chocolaty morsels and i can’t …

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Kalamata Fig and Shallot BACON Jam

BACON JAM…i know you’ve seen it.  you say, “so what?!” i’ll tell you what…IT’S DELICIOUS.  that’s what! i love it so much that it has become a staple in our house…a guaranteed little jar of sweet bacony goo will be in the fridge at all times.  it goes with just about EVERYTHING! i have made Spicy Chipotle Bacon Jam a couple …

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Low-Carb Pea and Pea Shoot Salad with Bacon & Eggs

Pea shoots, with their delicate tendrils and beautiful leaves, are often used by chefs to dolly up plates of food (often to no avail, I’m afraid) but they have a wonderful fresh-pea taste and deserve to be eaten on their own as a salad leaf. Low-Carb Pea and Pea Shoot Salad with Bacon & Eggs. Plate by David Walters They’re …

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