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Apples Pears and Quinces

Mincemeat Cake

It seems I only just mixed up and canned my mincemeat, and here I am using some already. One of the reasons I decided to make mincemeat was that I had been seeing so many ideas for things to make with it other than pies or tarts, which I usually find to be a bit too intense. This cake, however, …

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Apple or Pear & Ginger Mincemeat

Our apples, as usual, are few and rather awful, but we managed to scrounge enough to make a batch of this mincemeat. Other than apples or pears, I’m afraid this is pretty determinedly non-local, but about every 5 years or so I hear the call of the mincemeat anyway. It’s quite rich and there are all kinds of other Christmas …

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Spinach & Apple Salad with Balsamic Dressing

You want the very best spinach for a salad this sweet and simple. Other than washing that spinach, this goes together very quickly. This is a side salad, not a meal salad, and I think it would go with just about anything. Apples are the last of the season; look for Red Prince or other long storage apples. I think …

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Sausage, Rutabaga, & Apple Pie

Here’s another one inspired by an old cook book. As usual I forgot to note which one, but it was something English and mid to late 19th century as far as I can recall. It is pretty rare for me to pull out anything interesting from cook books of that era at this point, but this one caught my eye. …

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Apples Baked in Lemon-Anise Custard

I’m not quite sure where the idea for this one came from except that I was reading a whole lot of old cook books again. I think I saw apples baked in custard somewhere, and lemon and anise used a flavouring somewhere else, and and had them meld in my mind. And in my baking pan too. This was impressively …

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Carrot, Apple, & Belgian Endive Salad

There are some strong flavours in this elaborated version of the good old Waldorf salad. I lost the celery (it is long over, alas) and replaced it with carrot and Belgian endive. With the cranberries and nuts these make for a pretty intense interplay between sweet and bitter elements. I found I needed to add more salt than I would …

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