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A Varietal Report

Poblano Chiles

I have been able to find Poblano chiles occasionally even in my very stodgy local grocery for the last few years, and I’ve posted a couple of recipes calling for them. This year we are growing them ourselves, as the supply is unreliable, but their intermittent presence reminded me that I like them very much. Poblano means “from Puebla”, which …

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Flakkee Carrots

This is another one that I’m a little surprised to realize I have never written about. On the other hand, carrots are one of the world’s most popular vegetables and Flakkee is one of the most common older types of orange carrots out there – in a funny sort of way it is so ubiquitous as to be easily overlooked. …

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Gravedigger Peas

I seem to have missed the opportunity to photograph these peas close up, as I was too busy shelling them and eating them. There they are a little earlier in the season, setting pods like crazy, along with one lone and solitary Sugar Magnolia which seems to have gotten slightly lost. They are over and done long since, of course. …

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A Bounty of Zucchini

From all my garden writing and various other comments, you might conclude that we grow a lot of zucchini. That would be correct! And yet, somehow, I don’t have many varietal reports for zucchini. This should help fix that! The troubles I refer to below to which zucchini are subject, are squash bugs, cucumber beetles, and powdery mildew. Other people …

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Algarve Beans

I am away this week, dealing with getting Dad’s house (now belonging to his partner, who has moved to Scotland) ready to sell, so I thought I would leave a series of varietal reports to fill the time I am gone. It is August, and you should be eating salads and simply cooked things anyway. So! We saw these beans …

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See Three Peas, Oh

The last few years, Mr. Ferdzy has gotten mildly annoyed at my propensity to want to try new peas every year. They take up room, they may or may not be productive, they are something else to store and keep track of. So I was prepared to not try any new peas this year. When we were ordering seeds though, …

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