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Breaded Baked Catfish

American Catfish is a tender, flaky Creamy tasting fish.
It is not a fishy tasting fish.  My granddaughters love the taste. 

6 Tbs butter
1/4 tsp Garlic Powder and black pepper
1 Tbs grated cheese
fresh parsley, 
Bread crumb – homemade or 4 C

                                                                               In bowl place Breadcrumbs – homemade 

  • I add: grated cheese, parsley, basil and oregano, spices garlic powder, black pepper.
  • In microwace melt butter in large bowl.
       Be Careful bowl will be hot. 

  • Place a small amount of melted butter into breadcrumb bowl. just to make it moist not soaked. fluff up to mix. don’t press down on it. (it will only become a clump and hard )
  •  Pam spray a non stick baking pan.
  • In the butter bowl add Tbs grated cheese, garlic powder and black pepper. Mix.
  • Take the Catfish and smear butter only on the non scale looking side.
  • Place onto the non stick pan with the scale looking side down.
  • Add breadcrumb. 

 (showing in pic. is the scale looking side, which is the bottom side)

  •  Pound down with your finger tips.

You must work quickly because the fish is cold and the butter will
harden up fast.  If it does then microwave butter again.

  • Bake covered on 350 degrees for approx 15 min.  Once it is flaky, its cooked.     
  • Then take cover off and broil for 2 minutes until crispy. 


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