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Ice-creams are children’s biggest weakness and so do my. My family loves ice-creams whether it’s Nutella ice-cream, Dates ice-cream, Mint ice-cream, paan ice-cream, Lauki ice-cream, Muskmelon ice-cream, Peach kulfi or whether it’s homemade Choco-bar which encourages me to try different flavors. I try not to buy market made ice-creams more because of stabilizers they use and of course preservatives.

I made berry muffins and berry cookies so I had leftover packet of blueberry and cranberry. Instead of combining both the berries I made individual ice-cream with both blackberry and cranberry. 

It’s a wonderful amalgamation of both European and Indian berry. European berry for taste and Indian berry for colour.

Trust me it was a great change in taste and we all loved it, but only problem was the colour effect. Kids like bright colour in food which attracts them and tempt them. When I added berry paste in cream I realized the colour was very dull, so I used my innovation and came up with the idea of giving it natural colour as again artificial colour is a big NO for me. 

So I looked around in the pantry to give it some natural colour, I realized I have Jamun lying which I use to make jamun drink. I blended it with some sugar and strained it and added it in cream and VOILA! beautiful natural colour…..

Adding jamun is completely optional as I wanted to make it bright and tempting for kids. It doesn’t make any difference in taste. 

But make sure not to add too much of it or it will dominate it’s taste which kids might not like. I added sugar with it to balance the taste and milk will help in easy blending. 

I strained it to get smooth and creamy texture which is optional.  

Do try this super yum ice-cream and share your feedback. So let’s begin.

1 cup dried blueberries

1 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup heavy or whipping cream
1/2 cup milk

For natural colour:
10-15 Jamun or Indian black berry
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup milk

1. In heavy bottomed pan add water and sugar. Add berries and cook till it’s soft and just little water is left.

2. Blend it to rough paste. Don’t make fine paste.

3. Let it cool down completely.

4. Whip heavy cream till soft peaks are formed.

5. Add room temperature berry mix.

6. Add milk and whip again.

7. If you don’t want to give colour freeze it.

8. For natural colour blend together Jamun, sugar and milk. Sift it.

9. Add in cream mix well.

10. Freeze for 8-9 or till firm. Enjoy.


1.This is the brand I used.

2. Add water and sugar.

3. Add blueberries.

4. Once it’s soft and little water is left blend to rough paste. Keep aside to cool.

5. I like to keep it little rough and not fine.

6. Take heavy cream.

7. Whip till soft peaks are formed.

8. Add milk.

9. Add blueberry paste.

10. Whip again. If you don’t want to add colour just freeze.

For Colouring:

1. Wash and de-seed the berries.

2. Add sugar and berry in blender.

3. Add some milk so that it becomes easy to blend.

4. Strain it.

5. Add in cream and set. 

 6. Scoop and serve chilled.

7. Enjoy!!

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