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Apple crumble, the perfect autumn dessert

Õunakrõbedikud kaneelise toorjuustuvahuga / Apple crisps with cinnamon cream cheese
Recipe by Pille @ Nami-NamiAbove photo by Juta Kübarsepp for the November 2012 issue of Kodu ja Aed (“Home and Garden”, an Estonian monthly magazine. I’ve been their food writer since October 2012). 

As for the perfect autumn dessert, you cannot go wrong with a classic apple crumble. Surprisingly apple crumble – or crumbles in general – aren’t particularly well-known in Estonia – we’re more cake and pie and tart type of people, I guess. I love adding oats to my crumble topping – or any other porridge flakes (rolled spelt or rye flakes work brilliantly, for example). Oat addition makes the crumble somewhat healthier and the topping more crunchy. If you have some red-skinned crab apples – like the ones on the photo above – add those to the apple mixture for extra colour.

I served the crumble with a cinnamon and cream cheese whipped cream – a wonderfully aromatic addition to the crumble.

Apple crumble
Serves six

600 g tart apples (f. ex. Antonovka, Granny Smith)
25 g seedless raisins
25 g caster sugar
ground cinnamon

Crumb topping:
100 g all-purpose wheat flour
50 g porridge oats or rolled rye or spelt flakes
100 g cold butter
50 g demerara brown sugar

Peel* and core the apples, cut into smaller chunks or sectors. Place into a bowl, toss together with raisins, sugar and cinnamon. Transfer into a buttered 24 cm pie dish or 4-6 portion dishes/ramekins.

Combine the flour, rolled grains and sugar in a bowl. Cut the butter in with two knifes or a pastry cutter or simply using your fingers. (Or simply put everything into the food processor and pulse until you’ve got pea-sized pieces). Spread the crumb topping over the apples.

Place in the pre-heated 200C/400F oven and bake for about 30 minutes, until the apples are soft and the topping golden brown and crispy. Let cool for about 15-30 minutes before serving.

Serve with cinnamon-flavoured cream cheese, vanilla custard, vanilla ice cream or simple whipped cream.

* There’s no need to peel organic apples from your own backyard or a reputable orchard.

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